Wealth Creation

Go to school, get good grades to get a good paying job” is our way of life and we ended up working for money. This is Income Creation……. trading our time for money by working for others or ourselves. Now… is this the only way we know how?? Lets analyze and see what we can get out of this so ever famous term called WEALTH CREATION.

What is Wealth? To different people it means different things and to me W E A L T H means….

Having enough money and enough time, with great health, to do what you want, when you want and how you want.

An American survey states that you are only considered rich if you have a monthly income of USD 50,000 without having to spend time earning it. This is TRUE WEALTH. Ultimately, I can suppose that all we actually wan is FREEDOM. Not having to get up early, go to work, be exhausted and stressed and come home to the end of another day.

Sunrise1J Paul Getty, millionaire says…
If you want to be rich,
just find someone
making lots of money
and do what he’s doing.

Wealth is being able to wake up every morning to watch and enjoy such beautiful sunrise










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