Strategise Your Investing

Sometimes when you read on “Investing” topics and “Investing” books, you get all kinds of advice, all kinds of strategies and all kinds of methods to invest. At times you even get contradictory strategy. Some says to diversify, others advise to stick to one; all with good reasons… So, who do you listen to?

Then, you might be told to listen to the successful ones and do exactly what they do and you won’t go wrong. Here again there are so many successful ones with different methods and ways. If you are new to investing, you get more confused. Some might just give up on their quest to invest.

For me personally, my strategies change with time and in order for us to invest wisely we must keep abreast with the current news and changes in the economic climate. Your have to learn to strategise as the earth is evolving as today maybe good to invest in REIT but tomorrow is Gas & Oil, then it just might change to pharmaceutical or even plantation. Stay resilient.

The following are the “holy grails” of a good investor:-

1. Emotional Control

2. Having Guts

3. Having a Clear Vision

All the above 3 points are actually integrated. If you have a clear vision to invest in some stocks, then you must have the guts to hang in there when the going gets tough and having a perfect control on your emotion. Ride out the rough water and you will then be able to enjoy the calm sea.

Select a few stocks and start monitoring the movement of such stocks, after a while you will feel more comfortable to invest in them as you will be able to gauge the company’s direction. Emulate some of the successful investors but come out with your own strategies where you feel most comfortable.

Happy Investing!!

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