Stock Trading – Watch the Chart

Isn’t it shocking after months of accumulating your stock and fund portfolios carefully and thinking that you are going to sit and watch your money grow, you woke up one morning to see headlines like this “Stocks Extend Plunge…Dow falls 227 points…. Dow falls 306 points etc etc” staring at you in your face. Whether you are investing in America or elsewhere in the world, you are and will definitely be affected. Your heart sink!!

And for those who are still waiting for the right time to enter the stock market, you will probably be thinking that this is logically the right time to start your stock accumulations and by watching the happenings in the world, the movement of world markets it will be able to guide you to some money making trend.

Also, some will be thinking, “Will the price drop further?” “Shall I wait a little longer?”

Well, for small players and common people like us who just want to invest our spare money to earn some good money, we are always at the tail end of the game. When we go in to buy the good stock that just came out in today’s news, we are actually buying from the big players who already have their pie and eat it.

With the impending news of a threatening recession, are we sane to go into stocks investing, but you thought, the prices has gone so low, its almost tempting.

Yes, by all means, go ahead to accumulate your portfolios but be forewarned —- “You must watch the chart”. Monitor the downtrend on where and when it will end. Look out for stocks with a promising growth in the future and has a growth record of at least 10 years. Watch the price range and determine the price worth you putting your hard-earned money into.

Be patient and try not to be rash… its worth all the work you are going to put in doing your stock survey.

Happy Watching the Chart!!!

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