Spenders versus Savers

Switzerland-ssIt is a universal fact that it is easier to spend than to save. Human has high level of needs and that is the main reason why we spend more than we save. Statistics showed 1 in 20 of us are unable to control the urge to spend , men and women alike.

It is also true that we spend as much as we earn if not more. There is never enough. If you have been working for 10 years and more, you can make your own comparison.

Assuming that you were earning just $24k annually 10 years ago, you get along fine with your income and expenses and now 10 years later if your earning has increased let say to $60k annually, I am sure you are not just spending $24k but that you probably are spending $60k or even more. If you are spending more then this will equate to the fact that you are in debt.

Conclusion here is, if you are one of those who said to yourself that you will start saving when you are earning more, stop it, because it will never come to that. If you do not have a financial plan in place, each time your earning increase you will have this other thing that you need or something that you are committed to. And “poof” there goes that additional amount of money you have.

So, are you a spender or a saver?


If you are a saver, fine and good but just saving your money is not enough to guarantee you a good retirement plan that will give you the lifestyle you are so used to now.

Read about “Put your money to work for you” and some of the posts here under “Invest” category. Find out how you can put your savings into earning money for you over the next 20 or 30 years before you opt to retire.


Spenders beware! Are you in the high-income, low net-worth category? It’s time to make drastic changes if you are reading this and you are aware that you are spending too much. Similar to people with tendency to violence, they are born with an extra “y” chromosome. You are probably born with a defective chromosome maybe a “s” chromosome :) . You are born to shop, shop and shop. Or you may be suffering from a sickness called “shopaholic”. Following are2 ways to help you fight your “sickness”, they can work but it takes some will power:-

1. Pay yourself first – before you can get your hands on your money end of each month, commit by auto-transfer the amount you want to put away to a special account where you have taken out with no “ATM” card. (Read about some posts here in “Wealth Creation” category).

2. Lock away all your credit cards. Credit cards are meant for convenience and building your credit score but if you are unable to control your spending, the best way is to get rid of the spending avenues. Keep only enough cash for you to get by daily and by all means avoid window shopping. The temptation may be too much for you to resist the inconvenience of running to the bank. After a while you will hopefully (depend on individual and the strength of your will power) get use to your forced new lifestyle of minimum buying and live with this new found lifestyle comfortably.

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