Patience & Courage

“Patience” is said to be a virtue!

So, you may ask, what has this so called “virtue” has to do with investing?  Plenty!!

You must have heard so many times of lost of potential earnings due to rash decisions, impatient to get rid of those slow performing stocks, those properties, or the currencies you have been hanging on to at the start of an upward trend for a little earnings or even for a small percent lost!  Yes, even our investment guru, Warren Buffet had made this mistake in his early days of investing.

“Patience” can be mastered, it is a learned art.  Probably it is difficult at the very start but you have to learn to distract yourself from making a decision.  Busy yourself with something unrelated, look away and wait out…. breath a little. Yes, its easier said than done, but it is possible; can be done!

In order to practise this art called “patience” you also must have the stomach for risk taking ~~ you already have or why else are you in this predicament ~~ and resource of time and money!

However, a word of caution “one can never buy at the lowest and sell at the peak” but who knows you may just be lucky while your patience pays…..

Patience and courage equate to better success rate!

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