Investing is personal

At times like now, most investors especially those who are new and inexperience; or even those who have already taken some gains earlier are in a predicament not easy to rid off.  If you are serious investors with little experience, your brain might now be functioning like a washing machine, round and round with all the unanswered questions:-

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“Wild Goose Chase” Investing Style?

I read with trepidation many investment advice being written these past few months of global uncertainties.  Many of us investors are overwhelmed with all the well intended advice; however, what would be the right move?  Do we invest in gold now or should we have switched to bond like a few months ago already?  Do we go into commodities now that food prices are going up?  Or do we go into oil and gas sector?

Whatever decisions you made or whatever action you had already taken; I am sure by now you would have been wiser but will not have ended up much richer or happier.  Not now, not yet.

Time is still the essence.  Whatever actions or non-actions by you, you will still have to bide by time to see substantial gains. It is still important to go on fundamentals and stick by your decision, your very own judgment, experience and research on facts and figures.

Avoid making hasty decisions and going on a panic selling, buying or switching.  Any “Wild Goose Chase” on your part will only hurt your pocket and give you unnecessary stress.  This is the time to use your head not your heart.

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Deja Vu

Have you ever had this feeling that you have been there before when you visited a new place?  Do you call that “deja vu”?

Likewise in investing, many of us have had our very own “deja vu’s” especially in these past few months.  Many of our portfolios are on the dip, mostly around 30% to 40% below value, maybe even worst than that.  However, even the most experienced investors and the pro’s are not spared.  So take heart; “you are not alone in this” if its any consolation.

Being affected whether minimum or aplenty; it is easy for us to say “Do not panic” when all you wanted to do is to give up but that is the trick…….. I truly believe this “What goes up must come down but whatever has gone down will eventually comes back up”.  This is the time to test your resilience.  Hang in there folks!!!

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Rules of Life by Bill Gates


This has been circulating on the net for a while now but I just read it. Whether its true or not I find some of the points worth repeating to those who wish to read and learn. If you do not read it too seriously, it might just lighten your day! Have fun listening to the world’s richest man…….

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Retirement Timeline

“Majority neglect retirement plan”; an article in The Star reads on 14 March 2008. Most of Malaysian have not prepared for retirement while those who have only started after age 40.

If you want to retire comfortably, it is definitely too late to start planning at age 40 not to mention wanting to retire rich and young. I asked myself “Why do we do that?” Merely because we are too busy with our daily life and kept putting off planning for our retirement because the word “retirement” sounds too far away?
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Words of Advice for Stock Market Investors

With the “yoyo” market trends out there, everyone of us needs a dose of motivation to keep us going, to maintain our poise and confidence. Especially for new investors and the beginners, it is indeed a trying time as the market trend is so reactive, a lot of us are unsure what move to make.

Here is something I found in my newspaper clipping collections and I wish to share this piece of booster with you, a winning essay by Gan Hong Leong of Bentong, organised by SIDC published in the Focus column of The Star:
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Stock Trading – Watch the Chart

Isn’t it shocking after months of accumulating your stock and fund portfolios carefully and thinking that you are going to sit and watch your money grow, you woke up one morning to see headlines like this “Stocks Extend Plunge…Dow falls 227 points…. Dow falls 306 points etc etc” staring at you in your face. Whether you are investing in America or elsewhere in the world, you are and will definitely be affected. Your heart sink!!

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How to be a millionaire?

Does it take money to make money? People always say that the rich will get richer and the poor gets poorer and the gap gets wider. Every country the Government are trying their best to bring the gap closer by giving subsidies to the poor, providing opportunities and assistance so that they can live better. But we still see poor people everywhere; from dirt poor (homeless) to the just-barely-make-it poor.

Have you ever pondered how the rich gets richer? Or how the poor gets poorer?

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Spenders versus Savers

Switzerland-ssIt is a universal fact that it is easier to spend than to save. Human has high level of needs and that is the main reason why we spend more than we save. Statistics showed 1 in 20 of us are unable to control the urge to spend , men and women alike.

It is also true that we spend as much as we earn if not more. There is never enough. If you have been working for 10 years and more, you can make your own comparison.

Assuming that you were earning just $24k annually 10 years ago, you get along fine with your income and expenses and now 10 years later if your earning has increased let say to $60k annually, I am sure you are not just spending $24k but that you probably are spending $60k or even more. If you are spending more then this will equate to the fact that you are in debt.

Conclusion here is, if you are one of those who said to yourself that you will start saving when you are earning more, stop it, because it will never come to that. If you do not have a financial plan in place, each time your earning increase you will have this other thing that you need or something that you are committed to. And “poof” there goes that additional amount of money you have.

So, are you a spender or a saver?

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Rich Dad’s Words of Wisdom

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost, from ‘The Road Not Taken’

At times, when we come to the crossroads of our lives, where we turn is what we will make out of our lives therefore it is important that we make the right choice. Most people will not take the road less traveled due to the fear of the unknown.

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