New Year – Time for Reflection

Every new year will bring us closer to the day we dream of. The day we can stop being in the rat race, the 9 to 5 routine or the weekly 3-shift work we are in. Whether we want it or not we will eventually retire one fine day.

The last day of the year; 31st December, always give me that feeling of underachievement. Of not doing enough or not completing all that I intended to. It gives me the déjà vu feeling, that I have been on this road before. Why?

It is time for reflection….. had we done what we had set ourselves to do at the beginning of the year or had we done enough for ourselves and for others?

Your Successes

Have you been successful in some of your endeavours; if you have, are they good enough for you, is it up to the standard you want? Are all your successes beneficial to you and to others? Are they good enough for you to repeat over the coming year?

Your Mistakes

If you fail in some of the ventures you have got yourself into this year, are you able to learn from these mistakes (I feel strongly about calling mistakes failures as I believe no one will ever fail, you just miss your target). Mistakes are there for us to learn, we learn not to repeat them and learn to correct them so we make them into successes.

There is No Comparison

I would urge everyone who is on their venture to become successful to avoid comparing yourself with others. You should compete with yourself and not others. Do not compare yourself with your friends, neighbours or even siblings. Set your own standard and target and the only person you compete with is yourself. Everyone is different in their making and everyone succeed at their own pace. You will only get frustrated if you start comparing yourself to others and that will definitely be detrimental to your mental health. You do not want or need that.

I find reflecting a very good way to move on with our lives especially if there are obstacles that we have encountered and reflections give us time to heal and repent and it is good for the soul… have a fun time doing that on the 1st day of the year.

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