Market Trend

If you are keeping an eye on the world’s market lately, you will find that the market situation is just like the sea.  It comes in waves; sometimes strong and powerful but at times it will just lash around. And of late it has been coming around positively but with no real concrete sense or trend.

The million dollar question would be “Is it time to buy or sell?” And truly, no one has the right answer.  Once again trading in the market is dependent on a lot of gut feel as fundamentals are out.  If I can say, the market has gone crazy!  So are you one of the crazy participants? Are you game enough to put your finger in the pie?

Personally, I would ride with the tide, go for short term low gain rather than going for the deep kill; greed should be out of this equation.  Go for fundamentals if you have spare cash and waits patiently for the dividends payment while keeping your stockpile for your hopefully early retirement.

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