Linear Growth versus Exponential Growth

of, or relating to, or resembling a straight line
having only one dimension

Income creation is a typical example of linear growth. This is where you exchange your time for money, be it as a ordinary worker, a professional or running your own business. This is the time for money trap where you exchange your time for money.

Your income in this sense cannot grow exponentially as you have only that limited time and skill. You are always on the time-for-money treadmill day-in and day-out for 365 days a year. You cannot stop because the minute you stop working, your income stop.

The only way is to break this time-for-money trap by leveraging. By copying the right kind of leveraging in the right situation, you will literally grow bigger and faster… Let us take a look at what Exponential Growth can do.

The dictionary explains “Exponential growth” as:

  • (microbiology) The period of bacterial growth during which cells divide at a constant rate
  • extremely fast growth. On a chart, the line curves up rather than being straight
  • growth of a system in which the amount being added is proportional to already present; the bigger the system, the greater the increase
  • in everyday speech, exponential growth means runaway expansion

The surprising characteristics of exponential growth have fascinated people through the ages. Lets see what the story of the chessboard, borrowed from a dictionary, can teach us…….

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