Investment Advice – “Do and Don’t”

“If you know that you do not know”; this is knowledge in itself!!

Time and again, we think that we have already learned and that we have great knowledge but then, when you start to really listen to others you may realize that there are still a lot more to learn.

My grandmother used to lament this all too famous Chinese phrase (literally translated) “Eat till old, learn till old” meaning that there is no ending to learning. And there is another Chinese idiom (also literally translated) “The next mountain is even higher than this one” which means to say that “you may be smart but there are smarter people out there”.

These sayings are true and can be applied to investing and how to invest. Investing is a life’s journey and the destination is never in sight. You learn and get better as you travel along this road. You learn to differentiate the pebbles from the sands and the stones from the pebbles.

The next 2 postings will give you the 8 simple rules to follow that will help you along the fine journey of life. Let them guide you to a fun filled and pleasurable path…….

1. Don’t panic

2. Don’t be greedy

3. Don’t be impatient

4. Don’t take risk

5. Don’t be snobbish

6. Don’t worry

7. Don’t be out of perspective

8. Be specific 

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