Investing for Beginners


Sunrise1The world goes round and life goes on……

I was born in a “hand to mouth” family of seven siblings aging from infant to 14 years old. My mother had to do odd jobs or simple small businesses to supplement my father’s meager income to feed 10 hungry mouths. Our environment does not give us encouragement to excel in our studies although my mother was adamant that all her children will grow up to be literate unlike her. My sisters and only brother did not do so well in their studies and I was about the same in my primary years but I suddenly had this inspiration to work hard when I was in my secondary and I managed to work hard in the ensuing studying years.

As the norm, I started to work after my secondary education working as a Receptionist cum operator cum general worker in a hotel with a starting salary of RM80. At that time I was sure I will not want to repeat my parents situation, they were always fighting over money and it’s an unpleasant family environment for the children. I wanted different for my children. I vowed not to remain poor but how am I to get rich with my miserable salary?

I grew up still in my dreams to be rich. I married a working man and have 2 lovely children. I still work for others!!!

I started my investing with whatever I have saved from my salary, going into share market but what is the guideline, what are blue chips shares, to play it safe or to take risk. I was a new comer to this environment, I buy when my friends said they heard its good. I ended up losing money over a long period of time. To this day I still hang on to those shares that I bought 10 years ago and has lost its value by 80%.

I have learned through my investing experience to know what to do before venturing into investing. Here are 10 simple rules to guide young people who want to invest but do not know how……

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