Income Creation

Watch this Ethan Bornick

I stumbled upon this little video and I thought “Wow, it will say a lot for my next post”. Little Ethan, 6 years old performing in his concerts will make him very rich but he is still trading his time for money albeit earning top dollars.

If he does not put a certain percentage of his income into some kind of investment, he might just end up like all of us (the 95% of the population) trading our time for money.

We are all slave to temporary income!!! It is the time-for-money trap. We worked 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday whole year round for the salary paid to us which will be used up for our daily expenses.

At the end of the day, what do we have left? Most of us, we do have a retirement scheme, but is it enough?

Of late, we read news about “people not saving for retirement”. ARE WE READY FOR OUR GOLDEN YEARS?? Maybe, if we live frugally and don’t get sick, our retirement money will take us to the end of our days ……..

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