Gold Value versus the Greenback

If you are considering investing in gold you may wonder “how am I supposed to invest in gold?”. Some people will rush to buy gold jewelleries because they serve dual purposes; as an ornament and a great gift, it will appreciate in value – good investment.

However, today gold are traded everywhere, in the share market, in unit trust and also traded by banks. Some are traded on paper value while others actually provide you with gold bullion. Do your own research and find out what would suit you better and also look into the charges incurred upon buying and selling. Each trading house has their own percentage level of charges…. Get your investment money’s worth by trading with the lowest in charges….but be wary of the security level as well.

Take a look at this chart — Gold & The Dollar — (this chart is borrowed) and you will notice the movement of gold and USD is in the opposite directions. This is another guide for you to consider if you so decide to trade in gold.

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  1. James says:

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  2. I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting article

  3. pofien says:

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  4. Tony Lee says:

    Great info and reading.

    Gold investing is certainly worth looking into, especially in todays economy.

    From what I’ve learned in my search for Gold bars and coins, they (Bars) are not nearly as popular as gold bullion coins. However, purchasing gold bullion bars gives investors gold bullion at bullion prices, which are much lower than the prices at which gold coins sell. Older Coins however, do have the rare, vintage values to consider as well. One must weigh rarity over current gold prices when considering “bar” or “coin” investing.

    One thing is for sure, Gold IS a great investment!


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