Earn As You Learn

Making a few mistakes in your life is nothing. Losing some money in the course of learning to invest is in fact the norm. You have to learn to earn through experience. But you have to go on to look for deals that make money and not lose money. Once you understand these financial lessons and start finding investment that make money, your life will never be the same again. Life will become full of possibilities. One golden rule to investing “Never get too greedy”. Set your investment goal and stick to it, learn from experience and readjust your estimation to higher level at the next deal. Work from there.

You have to start to “learn to earn” and you will eventually “earn as you learn”. Depending on your personal level of risks, your learning process will flow accordingly.

Your ultimate goal would be to always find investments that make money. The concept of a business must lose money first before making money is the game of the past. Knowing the difference between investments that make you money from that cost you money is what make you a learned investor. The faster you get there, the faster you become a rich investor and once you get there, investing will become a way of your life.

I am sure a lot of you out there are at this level or at the very least on the way to this level….. if you wish to share your experience you are welcome to post comments in this post…..keep it coming……. sharing is a blessing.

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