Don’t work for money

jzg1In the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki mentioned that the rich don’t work for money. Rich or poor lets learn from Robert’s concept.

Life is a learning process and today we will learn to invest. We must now have the mindset of accumulating money from what we earned in order to get out of the rat race. Avoid the Parkinson’s Law, start stacking your hard earned money away. Look out for investment opportunities. There are loads of them out there once you have liquid cash.

Words of caution: if you are new to investing, go for the low risks first, then advance to higher earnings as you go along gaining experience. Do not be in a rush to jump in to big earnings. Needless to say… always go for the legal investment schemes, learn to recognise scam and stay away from these like the plague.

Two simple rules to follow:-

1. Always remember this “Big gain Big risk” concept

2. There is never a free lunch, so check things out before parting with your money

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