Don’t work for money, let money work for you

Let money work for you” – A beautiful statement but what has this statement got to do with people with not enough money? Yes, we are always having not enough money.

Scenario A – Nowadays, young people with high qualifications get highly paid jobs tend to live in big houses, drive their dream cars. The money exchanged with their time is being fully utilised every month. Some even extend their credit by using multiple credit cards. Just to keep up with the Joneses.

Is this happiness or stress? Having to keep up with the credit payments not mentioning the high taxes, utilities and mortgage payments. Your home and car have become a liability instead of an asset.

Lets paint a different picture here……

Scenario B — Lets say you are the highly paid young couple in your 30s and you decided instead of buying one big house, you bought 4 low cost houses near some college or industrial location for rental. Buy another medium cost house for your own, living comfortably. You have a car each to take you to and from work, not a luxurious one but one that can transport you around.

Whatever you collect for rentals will probably pay for your mortgages so your 4 low cost houses are taken care off. Your own house maintenance is considerable and at the end of each month you still have money left over to put into your investment account.

I know a lot of you like Scenario A, life is short and why must you be so frugal? You mayRainbow ask. But think about it……you will be happier in Scenario B as less stress equates to more happiness. You have created pipelines of residual income. Your money is working for you.

How old or young you retire is entirely up to you.

Bring this thought to bed every night and continue to think and feel that you are retiring young and rich and you will……..

There is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.

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3 Responses to Don’t work for money, let money work for you

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  2. Hellen says:

    I like it, let money work for you.

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