Deja Vu

Have you ever had this feeling that you have been there before when you visited a new place?  Do you call that “deja vu”?

Likewise in investing, many of us have had our very own “deja vu’s” especially in these past few months.  Many of our portfolios are on the dip, mostly around 30% to 40% below value, maybe even worst than that.  However, even the most experienced investors and the pro’s are not spared.  So take heart; “you are not alone in this” if its any consolation.

Being affected whether minimum or aplenty; it is easy for us to say “Do not panic” when all you wanted to do is to give up but that is the trick…….. I truly believe this “What goes up must come down but whatever has gone down will eventually comes back up”.  This is the time to test your resilience.  Hang in there folks!!!

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