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Alicia Ally Loh (Female) Date of Birth: 25 October 1956 Nationality: Malaysian Born in the year of Monkey A Scorpio

Patience & Courage

“Patience” is said to be a virtue! So, you may ask, what has this so called “virtue” has to do with investing?  Plenty!! You must have heard so many times of lost of potential earnings due to rash decisions, impatient … Continue reading

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Give Back to Society

After reading what best-selling author, international speaker, consultant, environmental activist Mary Buffett said in her speech at a recent Kuala Lumpur conference entitled “Dawn of the New Decade: Alternative Investments in Asia”, I fully agree with her.  Investing is not … Continue reading

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Market Trend

If you are keeping an eye on the world’s market lately, you will find that the market situation is just like the sea.  It comes in waves; sometimes strong and powerful but at times it will just lash around. And … Continue reading

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Financial Cycle

Doesn’t this sounds like a familiar environment today?…….. It is the month of August, on the shores of the Black Sea.  It is raining, and the little town looks totally deserted.  It is tough times, everybody is in debt, and … Continue reading

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“Cash is King”

I was watching an interview of the Australian champion “butterfly” swimmer who won USD1 million in a swimming championship and was asked by the interviewer what she did with the money she won.  She said she heard that “Cash is … Continue reading

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Are you hoarding your Cash?

Another point to ponder!  Is keeping cash a good move?  Cash is liquidable and a lot of things else.  But is it wise to hoard them?   Not so …. according to Mr Warren Buffet; this is what he said … … Continue reading

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“The Worst is Yet to Come!”

With today’s economic situation, we are all in quandary and I am sure even the most experienced and expert investors are finding it hard to make the right decision or any decisions at all. We kept on reading and hearing … Continue reading

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Dual Currency Structured Investment

This type of investment is pretty new in Malaysia and is offered by banks; not all banks. It is a short-term investment linked to the currency market. This investment pays investors a fixed interest with the possibility that at maturity, investors … Continue reading

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Gold Value versus the Greenback

If you are considering investing in gold you may wonder “how am I supposed to invest in gold?”. Some people will rush to buy gold jewelleries because they serve dual purposes; as an ornament and a great gift, it will … Continue reading

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Invest in Gold?

Have you heard of this term “Old is Gold”? When human grows old, their functions slowed, their values are compromised, their memories waned and their usefulness may be reduced tremendously. Then the term “old is gold” had been coined to … Continue reading

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