Are you suffering from Excusitis Disease?

You have just done your annual medical check up and your medical report seems fine. Except that you have to take care of that cholesterol level or the high blood pressure of yours which is on the borderline. But your medical examination will not be able to detect the EXCUSITIS disease.

Excusitis disease is very easy to diagnose…… have you been postponing putting that 20% of your earnings into an investment account? Or have you been telling yourself the following:-



SunbeamI am too old/young

It is too late

It is not easy to get rich

You have to work very hard

It is too difficult

I will wait for the right time

I can’t do it

I don’t have time


At anytime if you have utter or even thought of one of the above negative statements, your are sick, no matter what is stated in your medical report. YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM THIS DISEASE CALLED “EXCUSITIS” DISEASE.

S T O P ……. stop making excuses, stop procrastinating……. Put your thoughts and feelings into a plan. Put your plan into action. START NOW.

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