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Business Intelligence

Today’s businesses have changed so much in recent years you are just not being able to catch your breath if you were not following them closely. At this time if you are still not computer savvy you definitely will be … Continue reading

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Are You a Procrastinator?

Are you one who will put off what you can do today till tomorrow. Are you in a habit of promising to do something today and went on with your daily routine and forget about what you have agreed to … Continue reading

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Property Investment – What is Loan Amortization?

For those who are interested in going into property investment for the first time, please take time to understand how you are being charged for the loan by the bank. What is Loan Amortization? Wikipedia explains amortization as the process … Continue reading

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Investment Advice for Generation Y

What kind of investment advice does the Generation Y needs? Does the Generation Y face similar financial problems as their parents? What kind of frustrations are they facing with their financial and investment experience. Lets us take a look at … Continue reading

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Baby Boomer Generation versus Generation Y

Baby Boomer Generation versus Generation Y (1946 to 1964 versus 1981 to present) After listening to a friend lamenting about his grown up kid and how disappointed he was with his attitude towards life, I came to the conclusion that … Continue reading

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8 Wonderful Ways of Using Credit Cards (Part II)

Have you read the previous post of the 1st 4 Wonderful ways of using credit cards? If you agree with the first 4, then read on and learn how to play the banks instead of letting the bank play you….

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8 Wonderful Ways of Using Credit Cards (Part I)

There are 8 wonderful ways of using credit cards to your advantage. People say that “Money is the root of all evil” and if you have incurred debts due to the use of credit cards you will probably think that … Continue reading

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