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Rule of 72 – the Power of Compounding

The Rule of 72 is to divide the number of 72 by the interest rate or the average earning rate and the answer will be how long it will take for your money to double. For example, a $10,000 investment … Continue reading

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Stocks vs Mutual Funds

Whether to buy into stock market or putting your money into mutual fund depends very much on your personal risk level. Both avenues has its advantages and disadvantages. You can invest in both or either but always remember to do … Continue reading

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Invest in Property & Savings in Bank

invest in property Buying houses and shoplots are a good investment but this require some capital. If its a new property sometimes you can get good deals with the property developers who has tie-in with the banks for a zero-cost … Continue reading

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Multi-level Marketing

join a reputable direct selling company; multi-level marketing Lets look at option3, direct selling. This option is good if you really have very little capital to start with because in this case, you leverage human power by multi-leveling.

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The New “Buffettology”

According to the book “The New Buffettology”, there are 4 areas in which Warren Buffet discovers companies with hidden wealth:- businesses that have a repetitive consumer need with products that wear out fast or are used up quickly and have … Continue reading

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How to invest in the right business?

If you know that you are personally ready to invest, you should start right away. Time waits for no one. And there is never a right time to start anything. Anytime is the right time. Question here is “Are you … Continue reading

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How to create wealth?

Wealth Creation.……….it’s the most talked about topic in the financial arena. Is it only for the likes the Warren Buffets, the Bill Gates or the Robert Kiyosakis of this world? Or is it for ordinary working people like us? Are … Continue reading

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What a wonderful world

Wouldn’t it be nice……… if we have a job we enjoy doing and we are doing it for fun not for money if we have a good investment portfolio earning money for us if we have residual income to have … Continue reading

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Earn As You Learn

Making a few mistakes in your life is nothing. Losing some money in the course of learning to invest is in fact the norm. You have to learn to earn through experience. But you have to go on to look … Continue reading

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Invest In Yourself First

After learning about “Paying Yourself First”, the next valuable lesson to learn is to “Invest in Yourself First”. If you read this site from the very beginning, it will be very easy for you to follow. “Why would you have … Continue reading

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