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Still Pay Yourself First

“Pay Yourself First” —– I have not finished with this subject yet. I like “Pay Yourself First” and if you repeat it to yourself everyday, you will eventually start to pay yourself first.

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Pay Yourself First

I first came across the term “Pay Yourself First” in Robert T Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and I thought to myself “How can I pay myself when I am working for others?“.

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Warren Buffet – the interesting aspects of his life

In an one-hour interview with CNBC news, Warren Buffet, the 2nd richest man who had donated USD31 billion to charity has the following interesting aspects of his life to share:- 1. He bought his first share at the age of … Continue reading

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10 Golden Rules to Creating Wealth

Here goes…… my 10 golden rules to start you off to richness…..

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Investing for Beginners

  The world goes round and life goes on…… I was born in a “hand to mouth” family of seven siblings aging from infant to 14 years old. My mother had to do odd jobs or simple small businesses to … Continue reading

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Invest to retire rich and young

I am sure all of you out there are just like me, wanting to be rich when young so that we do not have to spend our youth working days and nights away. Unless you are borne with “a silver … Continue reading

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